Finally back in ATL

Checked into the hotel and discovered DragonCon TV is already airing. This is going to be a good weekend.

As D*C approaches

As Dragon*Con approaches, I am a bit concerned about a growing trend I have seen in fandom. That trend is one of political vitriol. Science fiction fans tend to be more tolerant of others’ lifestyles and choices. Over the last few years, however, both live and online I have witnessed people who claim to promote love and tolerance flat out attack people who differ from them politically. As we approach this year’s presidential election, the attacks seem to be more often and more hateful.

Fans come in all shapes, sizes, colors, orientations, and political philosophies. Just because you are treated poorly by “normal” people of an ideology, you do not deserve to treat fannish members members of an ideology poorly. Those of the fannish persuasion are more likely to treat you as a fellow traveler…at least, until you treat them like crap.

In summary, let’s put this very bluntly for all you fans. Liberals, stop using soundbite rhetoric with no constitutional base to denigrate conservative fans. Conservatives, stop using religious sound bites to argue with liberal fans. Both of you, treat others how you want to be treated. You can disagree with someone, and they are not a godless idiot. You can disagree with someone, and they are not a illiterate, racist, homophobic, bigot.

You can disagree with someone civilly. You can both have your viewpoints and still have great conversations on how GRRM doesn’t kill enough characters. You are both fans and geeks. Be excellent to each other.

Bravo Sierra